Tuesday, 7 June 2011

How to lose weight FAST

Now! If you have clicked on my blog you probably wondering.. this is going to be bull, This isn't going to really tell me how to loose weight! but that incorrect i'm going to tell you how to loose weight the right way. If you follow my instruction I guarantee progress and a huge change in your attitude and the way you look. Of course you're not going to see a change within a couple days but in weeks and months you'll feel like a whole new person!

Step 1: The diet
This will be by far the hardest step! due to you having to break those habits. AS LONG AS YOU DO ALL THE STEPS YOU WELL SEE A CHANGE!

  • Never consume more then you daily calories! By doing this you well find a increase of energy and a minor decrease in weight.
  • Try as hard as you can to stay away from any fast food, buttery and salty foods, You do not want sodium!
  • Try to eat multiple small meals a day, don't eat 3 big meals try spreading it apart, for example if you go out to a restaurant and get a chicken wrap eat half of it and save the other have for a couple hours later.
  • Drink only water and low sugar juices, Crystal light is a wonderful investment! Stay away from soda but if need be try and get the 0 cal 0 sug Brands.
  • If you have followed these steps you well have seen drastic change in your self overall.

Step 2: Workout Schedule
So you've got the hang of it now? you have your diet all set and maybe a couple of months down the road you want to get more "cut" and gain some Musial!

  • As you all should know Musial burns fat! so as much as you may not to work out this is a key part of losing weight " though you don't necessarily need to work out if you have a diet like i explained above, you should already see change "within a couple months"
  • You can either work out at home " sit ups, Squats, push-ups any core related work out, or another way would be to invest in a treadmill or take up a sport such as biking or running"can be around the city"
  • Key point to working out is always keep your heart rate as high as you can, increases the amount of energy you body is using which means your burning more calories.
  • Also picking up some proteans from a store such as reflex wouldn't hurt

Step 3: Keeping yourself busy / Keeping it off
Now you've done it! well not yet you've maybe finished reading this blog and you ready to go try it.
  • So your on the last step which is the easiest, its fairly easy to keep your self busy, maybe you work full time or even have a hobbie such as fixing car? as long as you don't go back to your old eating habit's everything well be alright.
  • Keeping it off is also very easy, as you may or may not know the more healthy you are the higher your metabolism is. This means you don't necessarily have to watch everything you eat though you shouldn't go back to the old habits because you've worked this hard! just make sure you work out regularly and you'll be fine 

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